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About Us

Northern New York Parts is a family owned and operated small business located in Upstate New York just shy of the Canadian border. Our main goal is to provide OEM and Aftermarket parts on-line at an affordable price in the shortest amount of time. We pride ourselves on a quick turn around time of the order being placed and the majority of the time being shipped the same day.

To us you are not just a number or a sale. We really do appreciate your business and willing to go the extra mile to make sure all parties involved feel they were treated right and received what was expected. So if your looking for a business that will take the time on the phone to help locate parts to ship and also walk you through an install when you get into trouble...look no further.

We try to list our phone number (315) 347-1755 all over the site so your just a phone call away. After hours? Shoot us an email at ediesinc@gmail.com with what you need or are looking for and we will respond back the best way possible.

Our Beginnings - We started this business as a way to employ one to two employees in the local area with opening a small engine repair shop. Our biggest problem was locating the parts in a timely fashion to get the units fixed and back to the customer. This for the most part took weeks to accomplish with trying to go through local sources since they were waiting for a enough orders to come in to make it worthwhile. I don't know about your customers, but ours were not happy at all. We took the blame for not having it repaired in what should have been adequate enough time and all we could do is say Sorry.

So that what started our parts business. Trying to source the parts needed in the shortest amount of time possible to get the repairs accomplished. In doing so, we also learned other shops were seeing the same issues and offered our services to them as well. We were not newbies to the on-line community. With having over 7 well know websites in other on-line hobby groups, it seemed like the next logical step was to do much of the same for Northern New York Parts. So the website was created and hours of uploading each part one at a time of the more popular ones. Now instead of waiting a week to do an order with the manufacture, we were doing it daily and now stocking extra of those parts so that they could be shipped the same day.

We converted over a small addition of the old dairy barn to house the parts and ship the orders. It was a little tight and cramped, but we made due.

Our First Place

More manufactures and distributors were sought out to expand our business. It then came the point of them coming and looking for us to also carry their line of products on-line. So we started a major expansion into what used to be the diary barn measuring 120' X 40'. We completely rewired, insulated and added a new heating source. We were just about to move in to it when disaster hit. Due to a faulty triple wall pipe attached to the wood burning stove, not only was the new converted barn lost in the fire but the smaller space that housed our present business and inventory.

If you have the time and would like to see the photos, they are located here...click this link - Business destroyed by Fire Photos

We had just received a $20,000 pre season order that was not even inventoried yet. We had just 10K in insurance on the business and that was gone quickly. Our saving grace was that no one was injured and most of our customers were on-line still placing orders. Do you give up or keep going? This was the question at hand...So we moved our employees to another location, bought new computers and supplies Our major partners Stens, Atlantic Power, Gardner and Sparex stepped up to offer assistance that was and still is greatly appreciated. They reshipped preseason orders once we had a location, some sales reps hand delivered new catalogues and materials while others called daily asking what could they do for us.

Since then we have moved again to a larger building that allowed much needed space for repair work to be accomplished locally. We are still growing only because we have great employees, great customers and of course great partners that were and still are there doing whatever is needed to help us be successful. Since then we now have three main websites (this site of course

My Farm Parts -Agriculture Parts

The Saw Barn Bars, Chains, clothing and more